Working with flower photography projects, we will have a clear visualisation of our final pictures in mind so we can plan the workflow, use a step by step approach to establish the correct camera settings, equipment, backgrounds and composition. And then I will take you through the tools of Photoshop (or Elements or Lightroom) enabling you to master the digital darkroom tools necessary to edit, enhance and apply creative techniques.

The aim for the day is to combine photography and image editing skills in one workshop - taking you through the entire process where you will develop and learn new photographic skills and then explore the relevant Photoshop tools in order to take and make some amazing images.

The balance of learning more about your camera, its settings, equipment, lighting and computer software will ensure you not only take great pictures but can also make great art. Whether you are seeking to create a Monet style impressionist work of art or a sharp botanical study, there is a workshop just right for you. Photographing flowers and the art of flower photography encompass many technical and artistic skills. To create distinctive images you will need a good grasp of your camera, its settings and lenses. Knowing which accessories are essentials and which are desirable to achieve the shot. Taking photos in different lighting situations can be used creatively, but knowing how the available and added light will enhance and impact on your masterpiece is key in all types of photography. "Auto-everything" on your camera may well work for many pictures, but once you know what you can achieve when you select the right aperture, white balance, exposure, shutter speed settings this opens up many creative styles for close up and flower photography.

You will develop your own distinctive and unique style - and that is what will make your pictures different. Using your camera is only a part of the process. How you set up the background for your shots, how you compose the subject are equally important. As is working with light - the workshops will cover how to use a lightbox to get translucent petal effects, use light tents to control harsh shadows. We will also take images using a range of different exposures and stack them up in Photoshop to create some wonderful results.

Working with back lighting and reflectors to explore how one image can be photographed in many different ways. If you are seeking to create sharp botanical studies then knowing how your camera can help you focus on the tiniest part of your subject and how your camera can help you review and preview the image before and after 'clicking' then have a look at the Sharpen Up workshop. The techniques used here are invaluable for all types of photography, And for those of you who are really looking for images with a full depth of field, where your images are sharp from front to back, you will have the opportunity to do some focus stacking.

One of my favourite styles of flower photography is creating impressionist and arty pictures and on this workshop I will share the techniques I use - shallow depth of field, "shooting through", "in the round" and de-focusing. You may also want to try out some in-camera movement. Flowers provide such a broad subject - even when they are dying, microwaved, pressed or frozen, they provide a subject for the still life, close up and fine art photographer. Working with light and water droplets is another whole area to explore in the art of flower photography. And finally, taking excellent photographs is just the beginning of the art of flower photography - much of the art work and creativity is accomplished in Photoshop and Lightroom and other image editing software. When you know what you can do with your RAW and JPG files using the tools to recover dark and light areas of your image, intensify or mute the colours, apply filters and enhancements, blur or sharpen - you will lose yourself for many pleasurable hours creating some truly beautiful and stunning works of art.

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